About us


Digimode is a customized ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software developer for SMBs in distribution and manufacturing. We specialize in BI (Business Intelligence) and we are a Progress Software Application Partner (NASDAQ: PRGS).
Founded in 1983, Digimode pioneered the development of Electronic Access Systems for hotels through its affiliation with Ilco Unican and Dominion Locks. Installed in thousands of hotels around the world, the hotel system was emulated by all the major lock companies. In 1985, Digimode became one of the Progress Software's first Business Partner and developped applications for hundreds of software companies and end-users. 2001 brought forth the launch of DIVA, tis state of the art Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution incorporating financials, distribution, manufacturing and E-Commerce.
Today, Digimode continues to evole and bring new solutions to our customers:
  • We provide ERP Systems tailored to your business processes and all of our programming is done in-house by Canadians.
  • Unlike other ERP's who require you to adjust your business processes to their systems, we will adjust ours to yours. After all who knows your business better than you.
  • We provide you with one direct point-of-contact for all your business systems needs.
  • We can be on-site at a drop of a hat for no additional travel time charge.
  • Information is power and our systems all have our signature BI (Business Intelligence) dynamic browser that gives you real-time access to the matrix of information that is a lifeline to your business.


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